Pipes & Tobacco

No Hobby is quite as lovely as owning and smoking a pipe. Our inventory serves as ample proof of that belief. We offer a wide variety of pipes and pipe tobacco that is sure to please both beginner and sage smoker alike.

At any given time, one has nearly 200 pipes to choose from. We confidently say there is a style, and price point, for everyone.

Pick a material: Meerschaum, Olive Wood or beautiful Briar

Pick a shape: Billiard, Apple, Churchwarden, Rhodesian, Canadian, Dublin, Poker, Bulldog (of course), and more.

We carry names such as Peterson, Savinelli, Chacom, Nording, Mastro Beraldi, Big Ben, Icarus, and a dozen more. Looking for a budget-friendly fishing pipe? We got it. After a high-end churchwarden for long smoking/thinking sessions? Yup. Smooth finish, rusticated, sandblast, or completely unfinished? Got that too. And everything in between.  

Occasionally we dabble in estate pieces. Sometimes one might find a Ben Wade, Sheraton, Dunhill, Comoys…you never know what might turn up!

Pipe Tobacco

The selection of tinned and bulk pipe tobacco is equally expansive in brand, style, and format. Whether a fan of Aromatics, Virginias, Orientals, English blends, or something in between, one will find plenty of choices within each category. We have loose cut, coin cut, cube cut, crumble cake, sheet flake, shag, chop cut, and whatever may lay in between. Our ever-rotating selection includes brands such as Sutliff, Cornell & Diehl, Peterson, Lane, Stokkebye, Mac Baren, Rattray, and more.

Pipe Accessories

Bulldog is home to plenty of pipe accessories as well. An array of pipe tool, pipe cleaners, ashtrays, pipe lighters, stands, tampers, reamers, and pouches, provides everything a pipe smoker needs to fully enjoy the hobby.