At the Bulldog we have something for everyone. With over 150 different cigars to choose from and a selection that is constantly evolving, one does not lack for options. From well-established to boutique, brands range from the expected like Artuo Fuente and Padron, to the unusual like Room 101 and Crowned heads.

We make a point to cover every point on the flavor wheel and each spot on the strength scale. Looking for something large but mild? We have that! Need a dog-walking cigar but demand strength? We have that too! And everything in between. We also carry a selection of high-quality, handmade premium flavored and infused cigars.

Here at Bulldog we believe in safeguarding the overall health of the industry. As Brick & Mortar shops have made up the backbone of the industry since its inception, we are very conscious to support cigar brands that support the perpetuation of the Brick & Mortar model. Unfortunately, not all cigar companies do business in a way that achieves this. Those who do not conduct business in a Brick & Mortar friendly way do not get shelf space from us. This leads to some brands that many customers are used to seeing everywhere, being absent from our shelves. Sometimes questions about this arise. Hopefully, we have answered those questions here.

Of course, we would be remiss if did not mention that our fealty to local has led us to proudly carry Big Babe cigars, owned by locals Chuck & Gary Schmidt! While the cigars are made in Nicaragua with Nicaraguan tobacco, the brand was built in Coeur d’Alene, ID. They are well worth smoking!

Cigar Accessories

Naturally, we carry a plethora of cigar accessories. Cutters, ashtrays, leather carry cases, travel humidors, and desktop humidors make us your complete cigar outfitter. We are particularly pleased with a humidification system from Drymistat. Need a handy torch lighter you can count on? We offer reliable options from Jetline and Colibri and Zippo.